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Pet Surgery

The doctors at the South Towne Veterinary Hospital understand the responsibility of performing surgery on your pet is a significant one. We want to tell you that we take this responsibility very seriously and we are committed to providing the safest and most comfortable surgical experience that we can for your companion.

The morning that your pet arrives for the operation, an examination will be done prior to anesthesia to ensure that there are no undetected issues. If presurgical bloodwork has not been done, with your permission, we recommend to have it done to check for any underlying issues that may not be detectable on a physical exam. This bloodwork will check liver and kidney values, a blood glucose, complete blood count (cbc) among other tests to help ensure the safety of our anesthesia.

An intravenous fluid line will be started in your pet’s leg. Your pet will receive an intravenous injection of a short acting anesthetic and a tube will be placed in the trachea to keep the airway open during the operation. The tube will then be connected to a machine that will provide a safe gas anesthetic to keep your pet free of pain during the surgery. A heart monitor and an instrument that measures blood oxygen levels, CO2 levels and blood pressure will be attached to allow us to better monitor vital signs during the operation. A patient warming device will be used to regulate body temperature while under anesthesia.

Next, the surgical site will be clipped and scrubbed with an antibacterial solution to assure sterility. We will then make the required incision(s) and carefully perform the surgery. The use of the laser for some surgeries is optional. This helps promote less pain, less bleeding, less swelling and reduced risk of infection. This equipment, as you might imagine, is costly to purchase and maintain, thus, there is an additional fee for its use.

After your pet’s operation is completed the anesthesia machine will be disconnected and your pet will be carefully monitored until fully awake. Most pets will be released the same day to go home and some more complex surgeries will be kept overnight for further treatment. Please feel free to call our office with any questions.