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Dr. Pat Tolchin

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When did you join the South Towne team: 8/2014

Education/Degrees: BA in Behavioral Biology & Math ’80 Binghamton University, DVM ’84 Cornell University

Professional Interests: Medicine, surgery, ultrasound

Reason for choosing this field: I have a strong feeling of kinship with all animals, and I just like being around them.

What do you like most about South Towne and/or your favorite parts of the day: South Towne has a terrific staff-caring and skilled with the animals & their people.  Also they are supportive of each other.

Hobbies/interests/family/pets: Anything outdoors, especially with my dog Elvin-backpacking, hiking, kayaking, cross country skiing, dog sports-agility, fly ball, nose work, K9 Search and Rescue