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Dr. Edward J. Gschrey Jr.

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When did you join the South Towne team: 4/1989

Education/Degrees: B.S. in Animal Science Cornell University D.V.M, NYS College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell

Professional Interests: Ultrasound, general surgery & medicine

Reason for choosing this field: Certainly a love of animals and interest in medicine.  Never remember wanting to do anything else!  Pets are much better patients than we are!

What do you like most about South Towne and/or your favorite parts of the day: Our long-established clients and our dedicated staff; many have been here 20-30 years or more which gives us the ability to perform high-quality medicine and give our patients long happy lives.

Hobbies/interests/family/pets: Yankee, mixed-breed 14 years old guys and a little barn cat spitfire named Kit Kat. Odie-Goffins Cockatoo 24 years, married to wife Janie for 32 years, has two sons; Chris 28 years and Travis 24 years.