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Joseph Northup

Technician Assistant
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When did you join the South Towne team: 6/2023

Education/Degrees: Bachelor of Science (Criminal Justice) & Minor in Communications @ SUNY Brockport, class of 2019

Professional Interests:  Production and Creating Art!

Reason for choosing this field: I’ve always felt I share a closer and more personal connection with animals (especially my own); and the endless desire to learn new things about our favorite fuzzy friends!

What do you like most about South Towne and/or your favorite parts of the day:  Everyone here is super welcoming and versed with knowledge. You can’t quite beat that rewarding feeling you get, watching a pet transform from feeling sick to feeling live and lovable again!

Hobbies/interests/family/pets: I currently own a small art LLC and am in the midst of creating a production/ vlog channel for YouTube! At home we have two cats (Athena) & our three-legged machine (Blu) accompanied by our fuzzy bunny (Zola) and my slithery pet rock (Voodoo)!