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Alyssa J.

“I was referred here for an ultrasound for my sick dog. It was one of the most stressful weeks of my life since no one could pinpoint a cause, and every single person who worked here, from the front desk to the vet techs to the vet, were beyond friendly and amazing! They treated my girl with such compassion and authentic kindness. They truly cared and went above and beyond to look into the issue… and even wanted me to follow up with them with any updates. I really couldn’t be more impressed. So grateful to have such an incredible Veterinary Office in the Rochester area!”

Posted by Alyssa on Facebook Feb 2018

Elise W.

“Dr. gschrey is the best vet around. He’s taken care of three of my dogs and I would never go anywhere else. When we had to put our dog down he was so thoughtful. He truly cares about the animals and their owners. He’s very knowledgeable and will spend all day with you to answer all your concerns and questions”

Posted by Elise on Facebook March 2018

Frank Ayers

“Such an amazing staff. Highly recommended. I cannot explain enough how amazing everyone there was to my family and I during a difficult time.”

Posted by Frank on Facebook June 2017

Pat C.

“Dr gschrey is one of finest vets in rochester I’ve been taking my ferrets to him for about 25 years he even came to the office to stitch one of my ferrets up when he started bleeding from his stitches he has real bedside manner when it come to all animals everyone that works there are great and treat everyone with the upmost respect for all animals I would not go anywhere else with my ferrets”

Posted by Pat on Facebook Feb 2018


“I have ferrets and my ferrets are older now. I went to Dr. Edward Gschrey at the South Towne Veterinary Hospital for my ferret for healthcare services. He had to have an implant.

I’ve used several vet services over the years being an animal lover and I have never met a vet that works at educating his clients as well as Ed Gschrey does. This man has called me in the middle of a surgery, and not too many vets do that. If something goes wrong, he explains what happened and how he responded to it. He’s had surgeries where I’ve lost animals because of the surgery. He walked me through every detail and I’ve even contacted other well-known ferret surgeons across the country, and they were like, they have never had this happen. It was just one of those fluke things. It was my contention the ferret was going anyway. They know what they are doing. The animals do when they know if something should happen or shouldn’t happen, and I wasn’t paying as close attention. I should have let him go on his terms. I love that place. I have never seen vet techs love every animal that comes in. I walked in with this one guy and the next thing, the one vet tech got him wrapped around her neck and saying she has a new fur collar. I have gone to other places where the vet techs don’t even want to touch the ferrets and he was supposed to be the vet expert with ferrets so we don’t go there anymore. In fact, this guy is so good and so reasonable. I get a discount because of all the rescue work I do. I have a friend who actually comes down from Ontario, Canada, a 4-hour drive to bring her ferret down here to go to the vet. I had people drive down from Fort Drum to see him or from Syracuse to see him. They have been doing this for almost 30 years. The last time the gal actually came here, dropped off her ferret and flew to Colorado for a World Power Lifting Competition so I took the ferret in, and he called her when she got back to Canada and explained how the session went and what she should and should not be concerned about. It’s pretty awesome!”

Posted by Unknown on Angie’s List October 2016