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Meet our Hospital Pets

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Diamond is our hospital Red Footed Tortoise. He was hatched in October of 2000. He has been with us for about 15 years. His original owner relinquished ownership to us after they were unable to care for him any longer. Diamond lives in our kennel keeping the boarders company. He enjoys warming himself under his lamp, eating his fresh greens & fruit and he especially enjoys his soaks in the tub!


Sabre is our one and only hospital cat. He is a 14-year-old Persian. He has been with us since he was a kitten. He spends his days hanging out in the offices upstairs with our Practice Manager’s cat and Elvin, Dr. Tolchin’s dog. He can be temperamental at times but if he could talk would tell you he’s just trying to help us do our work! He enjoys being pet, having as much attention as possible and sitting on people’s shoulders.